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You may be interested in knowing the central Bible-based doctrines that have been accepted by Christian believers throughout the centuries. Recently, Bruce Stabbert, a Christian pastor in Tacoma, Washington, shared a series of nine talks that outline basic Biblical doctrines as professed by his own congregation, and that have been accepted by the Christian church throughout its history. It's one thing to read a creed (a statement of belief, e.g., the LDS The Articles of Faith). It's another thing to actually understand it and know what the words mean and what they don't. Posted here are those nine messages in audio format which represent Bruce's attempt to flesh out the meaning of basic Christian ideas that are taught directly in the Bible. Hopefully, they are the truths you will learn to live by. (Each message is 50-60 minutes long, with accompanying PDF notes.)

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Introduction MP3
About The Bible MP3 pdf
About God MP3 pdf
About Jesus Christ MP3 pdf
About the Holy Spirit MP3 pdf
About the Human Beings MP3 pdf
About Salvation MP3 pdf
About The Church MP3 pdf
About Last Things MP3 pdf
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